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Current Projects

The Millennial PhD

The Millennial PhD is a podcast + blog about love, dance, and revolution. Posting ideas and inspiration for millennial creatives, including both original pieces and illuminatnig interviews with artists, entrepreneurs, and alt academics

Performance + Workshops

Movement has the power to connect us, allowing us to shape and reform the stories we tell about ourselves and our social world. As a performer and instructor I aim to tap into that connection and make it tangible for everyone in the room.

Writing + Scholarship

I write about grassroots dance communities and millennial pop culture for popular and scholarly publications.

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Ready to bring your creative vision from idea to reality?

I offer consulting + workshops for organizations and individuals.

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Hi, my name is Carmela Muzio Dormani, PhD.

You can call me Mela.

For the last decade I’ve straddled the world of academia and the arts, completing my sociology PhD in 2020 while performing, teaching, and competing as a salsa dancer, and engaging in a community-grounded artistic praxis.

Through my training as a sociologist I developed skills in writing, research, critical analysis, and communication.

Meanwhile, by carving out a creative path for myself as a dancer, I was able to make community impact, affirm my full humanity in the face of academia’s elitism, and have an economic lifeline outside of my institution when I needed it most.

I created The Millennial PhD podcast to share ideas & inspiration for millennial artists, creative entrepreneurs, and (alt) academics pursuing new creative directions.