Movement has the power to connect us, allowing us to shape and re-form the stories we tell about ourselves and our social world. As a performer and instructor I aim to tap into that connection and make it tangible for everyone in the room.

I offer group classes, specialty workshops, and private lessons. 

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Learn more about getting holistic support & sustainable growth as dancer here.

For privates & group workshops contact me for rates & scheduling.

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I write about grassroots dance communities and millennial pop culture for popular and scholarly publications.

In a broader sense, I am preoccupied with social, economic, and environmental justice, and how we can engage movement and creativity in our resistance.


The Millennial PhD is a podcast + blog about love, dance, and revolution. Posting ideas and inspiration for millennial creatives, including both original pieces and illuminating interviews with artists, entrepreneurs, and alt academics. Click here for episodes.


I am available to speak at your event or panel on:

  • Creativity and creative entrepreneurship
  • The sociology or social context of dance
  • Tangible tips for artists and creative, including strategic planning, time management, and working within economic constraints
  • Holistic wellness in the arts
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Creative Consulting

I employ qualitative research, analytic, and project management skills to provide clients with deliverables related to strategic planning, integrating social justice perspectives into their programming, community outreach, content creation, and equitable media representations.


Hi, my name is Carmela Muzio Dormani, PhD.

You can call me Mela.

I’m a Sociologist + Multimedia Creative dedicated to scholarship and creative work that centers community, justice, and radical humanity.

For the last decade I’ve straddled the world of academia and the arts, completing my sociology PhD in 2020 while performing, teaching, and competing as a salsa dancer, and engaging in a community-grounded artistic praxis.

Through my training as a sociologist, I developed writing, research, critical analysis, and communication skills, while as an artist I continually uncovered the depth and necessity of human connection and expression through movement.

Through this lens, I help creatives and organizations bring values-driven creative visions from idea to reality.

I started The Millennial PhD podcast to share stories, ideas, & inspiration for millennial artists, creative entrepreneurs, and (alt) academics pursuing new creative directions.

More recently, I created the Movement for Liberation Dance Training & Mentorship program to support dancers who want sustainable growth and holistic support for a joyful dance practice.

If you are a mission-driven brand or organization, see how we can work together here.