Growing as a dancer can be uncomfortable.


From late night rehearsals to awkward show fumbles, interpersonal conflicts, or just navigating the dance scene, there is a lot to manage.


Your vision comes from you, but having support along the way can make all the difference.


Maybe you…


  • Are rehearsing and training, but not seeing the results you’d like in your dancing

  • Love dance, but sometimes find yourself mentally and emotionally drained after being in dance environments

  • Feel uncertain about whether you’re applying your energy in the most effective ways

  • Love to dance, and want to keep doing it, but are looking for support that’s tailored to your needs


Dance shouldn’t hurt your heart. It can make us feel free.


What would it feel like to have someone in your corner, dedicated to supporting your growth and vision?

This community is for you if...

  • You have a vision for yourself in the dance scene, and you’re serious about making it a reality
  • You’re ready to work smarter-not-harder to create a sustainable path for yourself
  • You want to work on your dance artistry AND your mental/emotional relationship to dance
  • You care about contributing to a kinder and more just dance scene
  • You’re interested in building your dance technique, social dance, and/or performance skills 
  • You love to dance, and you could use someone in your corner, who’s ready to center your progress